Ryan Vesler, the story behind HOMAGE

“I always felt entrepreneurial…and knew that I would start a company one day” -Ryan Vesler

Ryan went to the Columbus Academy for high school. Afterward, he attended Ohio University where he majored in Spanish. During his time in college, he shopped at thrift stores and sold clothing items he found (mainly tees) on eBay. After graduation, Ryan wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, so he decided to travel around Costa Rica for a few months to see the world and possibly find some inspiration. There he continued his thrifting for vintage clothing and online selling. When he returned to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, he moved back in with his parents and started a clothing company out of his basement – you might’ve heard the name before: HOMAGE.

…The rest of this article is about a young entrepreneur telling a story through every shirt he creates and sells.

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