Claire Coder, Challenging the Norms

When I asked 19-year-old Claire Coder for advice about starting a business, she said to:

“understand you have to commit your life to being an entrepreneur”

…which is exactly what she’s done.  At age 6, she was selling beer to construction workers (more on this topic later), at 16 she started her first company There’s a Badge for That, and by 18, she dropped out of college to pursue her social enterprise, Aunt Flow.

How does she do it? Keep reading and you just might figure it out…

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an intro to founders stories

Why’d I do it?

After researching and highlighting many startups (as I will continue to post about), innovative products, and even some entrepreneurs, I wanted to go a step further and get some genuine insight. I found this by interviewing entrepreneurs themselves, either in person, via skype, or phone call. I was able to find patterns, habits, and inspiring advice through these interviews. Although I prepared a list of questions for each, I let the conversations take their natural course. One weird phenomenon: all three female entrepreneurs are licensed workout instructors. What else? Each and every entrepreneur took their own path to success. That’s the remarkable thing about starting a company, there is no right or wrong answer! Read ahead to see what else I discovered about these extraordinary individuals and their experiences.

Artie Isaac, Young Isaac

Formerly an entrepreneur, Artie Isaac currently holds titles as a professional coach, creative consultant, teacher, keynote speaker, writer, father, husband, and more. This article was intended to focus on his insights of owning a business, from launching it to selling it. However, I learned a plethora of lessons from the experiences and philosophies Artie exhibits in his life…

Here’s one he said to my creativity class on our last day:

“Next time you turn on the T.V. or take a sip of alcohol, ask yourself: Do I lack ambition or imagination?”

…Just some food for thought.

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Ida Abdalkhani, Ability to Engage

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

Ida obtained three degrees from OSU. After graduation, she accepted a job with P&G in Brand Management. After a few years, she decided to take a break and travel to Africa. When Ida returned, she realized that she wanted something else out of life and turned in her resignation letter. Ida then went on to travel to 50 countries in eight months. Now she runs her own company, Ability to Engage.

That’s a sneak preview, now let’s dive into the details…

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